evc_guwahati_assam_principalWhen I walk down the stairs of the college every day, I can hear the batter of the eager minds, the shouts and excitements of the dancing feet and victorious athletes’, sweet and melodious voices of singers harmonising. We are college with differences. We value actively individualism and While studying in the college, students are groomed to become confident and enlightened citizen who can step forward in the global arena with honesty, integrity and humanity.We nurture our students with the values to respect their elders and woman in the society as well as their responsibilities towards society.

We believe quality not only in academics but also in all round development, capacities and dedication which enables us to deliver our programmes in an environment that is intimate, friendly and comfortable for each and every student. We keep per classes and tutorial groups in a way to raise our academic standards at EVC to improve them on term and year on year.
Finally, I want to assure you that the management and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to prepare our students for making their knowledge up to the mark in this global world.