Go Green Rally

With an to preserve the greenery and cleanliness of the city and create awareness among the public and about environmental issues our college started a rally in 2014 named ‘Go Green Rally encouraged by P.M.Modi’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan’. The alarming rise in the pollution levels is robbing the city of its serene environment.

To address this issue and keep the public actively involved in keeping the city beautiful, our students prepared posters with various slogans and quotes to make the public aware. Our college carried the theme ‘Go Green ‘from the beginning (2011). The students carried slogans against air, water, and sound and environment pollution. In order to extend this awareness in surrounding areas, we cover the surrounding areas of our college i.e. Pandu Port Road, via Pandu Bazaar, Maligaon Gate No 1 and ended in the beginning point. In 2014, the beginning year, we cleaned the surroundings. All the students and teacher along with our principal participated in the cleaning process, from 2014, we organise the rally every year and every year we have enlarged the rally .Banners and poster are displayed with slogans like:

i. Save water, save life
ii. Let’s go green to get our globe clean
iii. Litter make the plant bitter
iv. Learn to recycle and use your bicycle.

This rally encouraged our young minds to plant more number of trees and grow them with care and keep their surrounding clean.